About local online shopping

Despite and perhaps also thanks to all the misery surrounding Covid-19, more and more consumers indicate that they want to shop locally. Shopping physically is bound to fail, considering most of the shops had to close their doors. So it’s important to be found locally online, too At VoordenBakker we can help you with just that, right now. It turns out that people tend to look for local online shops, too. However, if your online presence is not optimized for local, your website will not be found by your potential clients.

Search (and find) local stores online

Many people search with the aim of finding local providers. It appears that more than 45% of these searchers want to find something in the immediate vicinity. So it’s good to see if your offer is shown in the organic (unpaid) search results of, for example, Google. Just including the city name in your website is actually not enough. Fill your website content with specific content about local projects and names; post references from local customers (possibly with street and city name) and support local social causes (and report this). You could also have a look at your local opponents and put in words why people should shop at yóur business instead. Plenty of ways to get more online visibillity locally! And we are happy to help you getting there.


You could have a look at “Google local” to be shown correctly in Google maps, for example.
Think of the flexible possibillities you can have as a local shop in terms of delivery / takeaway.
Support your local activities showing them to the world via your social media channels.