Special products

Everything out of the ordinary

When you are looking for something out of the ordinary…

You can, indeed, come to us for all those deviating, special and sometimes difficult-to-find advertising and promotional items. Different printing and folding techniques for floor plans or, for example, ID cards on lanyards for an event.

We have been and will be able to deliver the most diverse promotional items. We know where to look for them, where we can best have them made. At the right conditions in terms of shape, function and price.

We are here to help!

Yet here, too, everything starts again with asking the right questions and thus determining the purpose and function, only then do we come up with the proposals.

Our proposals and solutions are based on your question, your communication goal and the desired function of the resource.


  • maps
  • ties & shawls
  • pins and cufflinks
  • mugs
  • cups and crockery
  • wristbands
  • lanyards

We where happy to help these special clients with special products

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