Webdesign & hosting

‘What’s the price of a new website’? This question is just as difficult to answer as “what’s the price of a car”? You do not immediately have a ready answer to this. How big should the car be? What brand? A VW or a Bentley? How many people should you be able to travel with? Which fuel? many questions!

We will design and develop your website, register a domain name and look after the hosting.

After going live, you will be able to maintain it yourself. You can add your own images, change the text, write a blog, or publish a news item.

If you are not sure how to look after this yourself, we are here to help. We take care of the maintenance of your website. We can also manage any pre- existing websites you may have.

Online services we provide

We’re proud to have worked on online projects for these clients!

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